Building Permits

Occasionally new residents initiate changes or construction without first obtaining permits. Many of the changes you may be considering will require an application, review of the planned action, and issuance of a building permit or approval. Failure to obtain proper permits or approvals will result in delays, stop work orders, fines and added costs. You must demonstrate that the action will comply with applicable zoning ordinances. Please contact the Building Department at 631-549-2640 for proper procedures and  guidance in preparing the applications for review/approval by the Building Inspector, Building Engineer and Planning Board.

Planned ActionRequires Permit Comments
New addition to house YesSite Plan, Building and Tree Cutting Plans needed – Planning Board Approval
Add barn, shed, garage, cabana, or other accessory structure YesSite Plan, Building and Tree Cutting Plans needed – Planning Board Approval
Clearing or construction in slope areas Yes
(see comment)
Zoning ordinances generally do not permit disturbance of steep or very
steep slope areas. Special Use Permit required.
Interior changes (structural or electrical)YesApplication Form – Approved by Building Inspector
Replace roof (no structural changes) No
Replace or add outside siding (vinyl, wood, etc.)No
Install swimming pool or tennis courtYesSite Plan, Tree Cutting Plan, Landscape Screening Plan, and location
and details of fencing – Planning Board Approval
Construct pond YesSite Plan, Tree Cutting Plan and Grading Plan – Planning Board Approval
Cut or trim trees PossiblyDepends on tree size, type and location. Call Village Hall for
free consultation with our Tree Arborist. Contractors must be licensed by Village.
Re-grade or fill property YesSite Plan with existing and final topography and stormwater drainage – Planning Board Approval
Construct retaining wall or bulkhead YesSite Plan and details of wall construction
Install fence YesSite Plan and details of fencing construction
Construct dock YesDifferent requirements for Lloyd Harbor, Long Island Sound, and Cold Spring Harbor – Planning Board Approval

The Village has a consulting arborist who is responsible for review of all plans for subdivisions and construction involving the alteration of a significant number of trees, including vista cutting plans. This is an important proactive step toward preservation of the beautiful, mature trees in our Village which are such an integral part of our rustic ambiance, and so critical to preservation of our privacy. All plans for new construction or subdivisions involving significant tree removal will require, as part of the permitting process, review by the consulting arborist.

  • Avoid potential problems by calling Village Hall (549-8893) to discuss your desired plans and learn what the Village requirements are.
  • It is important that you obtain all approvals before starting construction or making changes. Otherwise, the Building Inspector is required to issue a “Stop Work Order” and you will then have to apply to the Planning Board. You may be subject to issuance of an “Appearance Ticket” to Village Court and be subject to a fine.
  • Our staff wants to assist you in accomplishing your desired changes while being in conformance with the Village Zoning Ordinances. Work With Them – Call 549-2640
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