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Tales of Old Lloyd Harbor

The Village of Lloyd Harbor is pleased to be the publisher of “Tales of Old Lloyd Harbor”. This compilation of tales, spanning some three hundred years before incorporation of the village in 1926, is a rollicking read replete with wonderful old photographs and maps. Tales abound of charters – of privateers and pirates, of rogues and rumrunners, of whiskey roads on West Neck. To the many contributors to this book over the years, our sincere gratitude. To Byrd Platt and Mary Jo Hossfeld for the enormous job of successfully shepherding this project from start. This book is available from the Village Hall or Book Revue for $18.00, plus $3.50 for local shipping.

Message from Mary Joe Hossfeld, Chairperson of the Lloyd Harbor Book Committee:

To the scores of residents, friends and historians who so willingly shared their memories and their archives, we are most grateful. You have enabled us to bring to life the exciting early days of our wonderful village from the time Matinecock Indians hunted on Lloyd Neck and left arrowheads to be unearthed three hundred years later by our children. The Lloyd family left copious detailed records that tell us of their self-sufficient life at the Manor of Queens Village and of the divided loyalty they faced during the American revolution. We learned of the fiery furnaces of the West neck brickyards from the son of the owner. from a woman whose father’s beachfront store was frequented by bootleggers during prohibition, we learned of the large diamond rings the bootleggers wore as they brought their whiskey ashore at West Neck Beach. Charming descriptions were discovered of the large farms that existed in our Village well into the 1900’s. residents were interviewed who had taken part in an elaborate theatrical pageant in 1917. This was staged near the causeway in an open-air theatre with 5,000 people in attendance. We learned of a ‘thorn’ in the side of the Village trustees in the person of a brilliant and eccentric woman lawyer who delighted in constantly harassing authority, and of a famous Admiral who came home from active duty to the beloved West neck home he named Peach Blossom.

As we delved deeper into our Village’s past we came to marvel at the fascinating and diverse history of the 9.2 square mile are on Long Island;s North Shore. We hope you will enjoy reading “Tales of Old Lloyd Harbor” as much as we have enjoyed researching its stories.

A History of the Incorporated Village of Lloyd Harbor 1926 to 1976

“A History of the Incorporated Village of Lloyd Harbor 1926 to 1976” – by Irene K. Alexander. A former Village Clerk and Treasurer recalls in fascinating detail the first 50 years of the Village’s incorporation with illustrations by Byrd Platt and photos by Jan Staller. First published in 1976 copies are limited – check with Village Hall for availability.

The Village is a place of quiet and rural charm. Its wooded hills, bluffs, meadowland, marsh and beach – all outlined by the variegated waters of harbor, inlet and sound – combine to create an area of great natural beauty.

In a community where birds, squirrels, chipmunks, pheasants, rabbits, and raccoons are daily backyard companions, the benefits of incorporation and protective ordinances are demonstrably in evidence.

from: “A History of the Incorporated Village of Lloyd Harbor 1926 to 1976” by Irene K. Alexander

Video Tape

Copies of the Village’s 75th anniversary celebrations, produced by Cablevision are available at the Village Hall for $10 plus $2.44 each for local shipping. If you order both book and video the total shipping would be $3.95 per set.

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