Police Department

For emergencies, dial: (631) 549-8800
Direct (Non-emergency): (631) 549-8220

The Village has a thirteen  (13) person Police Department and, as a direct benefit, a very low crime rate.  The Police Department is under the direction of a Police Chief who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department.   The Police Headquarters are located at 380 West Neck Road at the intersection of Mill Road. Twenty-four hour police protection is provided for all residents. Since the Village has only 1,200 homes, our police can provide personalized attention when the need arises.

For emergencies dial (631) 549-8800. You will get a faster response than if you dial 911, as 911 is routed through the Suffolk County Police. For non-emergency calls (631) 549-8220.
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