2021 VILLLAGE ELECTION

Below are the results for the general Village election for the offices of Trustees and Village Justice for a term of 4 years held on June 15, 2021

William Burdo, Trustee           (Incumbent)  Term expires 2025

Matthew Strunk, Trustee        (Incumbent)  Term  expires 2025

George Patsis, Trustee             (Incumbent) Term Expires 2025

Michael Brown, Justice                                  Term Expires 2025



Below are the results of the general Village election for the offices of Mayor and Trustees for a term of 4 years that was held on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

Jean M. Thatcher, Mayor        (Incumbent)      Term expires  2023

Leland Deane, Trustee             (Incumbent)      Term expires  2023

Jennifer Hubbell, Trustee       (Incumbent)     Term expires 2023

Hilary Rolih, Trustee                (Incumbent)    Term expires 2023







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